Are you a church?

Yes, we are a church. We are a congregation of baptized believers assembling together with the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ as our binding agreement. An ordained Baptist minister first formed us into a church with seven baptized members in 1980. We have been assembling in this city ever since. Our church family consists of 118 members (18 and older) and 81 unbaptized children (under 18).

We love the Lord Jesus Christ and each other. Our ambition is to live holy lives according to the apostolic pattern, while we wait for His glorious return to destroy this world and give us our eternal inheritance. Notice of our church and its services has been posted in the religious section of the city newspaper for most of the 37 years of our existence.

Our assemblies consist of simple family worship. We do not have the man-made inventions of Sunday school or junior church, where children are removed from their families and the worship of God. We believe the worship of God is a family activity and children can learn to sit quietly and/or understand the proceedings better than most think.

We meet twice each Lord’s Day, which is Sunday ever since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with formal worship services consisting of a capella singing, praying, Scripture reading, and preaching by an ordained pastor/teacher. We enjoy the fellowship of the saints and love each other on the Lord’s Day and also have frequent fellowship between assemblies.

We are not connected to any fellowship, association, convention, or denomination, since we cannot find any evidence in the New Testament for such super-church structures. We are strictly independent and have the wonderful freedom to follow the leading of the Spirit and instruction of the Scriptures to conform our doctrine and practice more perfectly to the Scriptures whenever we are convicted to do so.

Any who fear God, love the Lord Jesus Christ, and want to worship Him in spirit and in truth are welcome to assemble with us at anytime. You will find us very accommodating and friendly. Our services generally last about two hours with preaching being the main component of the assembly, as it was in the New Testament.