Sermons: Salvation

Adam condemned you in Eden; you condemn yourself daily; your perverse nature loves sin and hates God; you are doomed to hell forever (Rom 3:9-18,23; 5:12-19; 6:23). You need a Savior, and not any savior will do, for the offended Judge is Almighty God, who cannot and will not acquit or clear you (Ex 34:7; Nah 1:3). There is no more important topic. How can you be saved from certain judgment?

Adam and Eve tried fig leaves and the blame game. Cain tried a new religion. Noah’s generation tried ignoring the warnings. Israel tried the brazen serpent, the ark of the covenant, and then the temple. Legalists tried Moses’ law. Catholics hope in sacraments. Buddhists hope in reincarnation. Mormons hope in baptism for the dead. Many hope in a decision for Jesus. Where is your hope? Will it work?

Five Phases of Salvation

When were you saved? How were you saved? God saves His elect in five distinct phases or stages. Without these five aspects of salvation, you cannot rightly divide scripture on the most important Bible doctrine (II Tim 2:15). This sermon will teach you more about how to read and understand the Bible about salvation than any other. When would Paul say he was saved?

Seven Proofs of Unconditional Salvation

How are you saved? Did God save you by free grace? Or did you save yourself by some act? Or did you do something to cooperate with God and make Jesus Christ’s work effective for you? There are only two ways a sinner can be saved. Either God saves him unconditionally as a free gift of His grace, or he must do something in order to obtain it for himself. There is no other choice. All religions and doctrines are either unconditional or conditional. Either man does nothing for his salvation, or he must do something.

The Facets of Salvation

This is the fourth most important sermon about salvation. Salvation means deliverance from sin, death, and hell. God chose various terms for this deliverance e.g. adoption, justification, redemption to help you appreciate it more fully. Like the polished faces of a diamond, here are seventeen facets of salvation to show the brilliance and glory of God’s unspeakable grace in saving sinners. Briefly explained, they will thrill your soul!

Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Truth

Literal wars and figurative wars have been fought over these two, manmade systems of salvation. Which one is the truth? That named after John Calvin or after James Arminius? Or is the truth outside both systems? Continue your graduate study in soteriology (salvation) right here.

When Was Cornelius Saved?

The Bible tells us more about the salvation of this Italian than any other man but Paul. When was he saved? Did Peter save him by the gospel? by baptism? Instead of listening to uninspired men tell you how they were saved, learn the truth by this inspired account.

The Age of Accountability

Have you ever heard this expression? Is it right? Where is it taught in the Bible? What is the age? Twelve? Twenty? What happens to infants if they die? Do all dying babies go to heaven? The only source of truth on this matter is the Bible.

Salvation By Works

Decisional regeneration means that a person is saved by a momentary decision about Jesus. However, the Bible does not teach this modern heresy. Instead, it constantly reminds us that only good works are the true evidence of eternal life.

Assurance of Eternal Life

Eternal life is absolutely certain by the grace and purpose of God. Not one He chose to save can be lost. Eternal life is not a possibility based on what you do or not do. The contrast between the elect and reprobates is very great, and you can easily identify which you are.

Book of Life

In the great Day of Judgment, the only persons that will be saved will have their names in the book of life. While many sing and talk about getting their name written down by their faith or obedience, the Bible is the only true source of information about this book. Rejoice in the truth it reveals.

Catastrophe & Cure [working] find document

Most Christians know about Genesis 3. But deeply and slowly consider what is stated, implied, and evidenced in the content and in our world today. Sin by Adam and Eve has totally corrupted the earth. It explains everything that disgusts you about life. But the cure is prophesied as well.

The Cross at Judgment Day

John chapters 18-19 give detailed facts of Jesus last 24 hours. But the true glory of the cross will be seen on Judgment Day. Only then will it be seen that it makes the difference between heaven and hell. All men will come to judgment for the greatest glory for God, Jesus, and the cross.

Warnings About Hell

From Jesus in the Gospels to the last chapters of Revelation, the Bible warns repeatedly about the day of judgment, the wrath of God, and the lake of fire. Children of God should be overcomers in serving Jesus Christ in each part of their lives to boldly know they will escape hell and its torment.

Limited Atonement

Did Jesus die for the elect, or for all men? If Jesus died for all men, then His death is limited in power, for most men will spend eternity in hell. If Jesus died for the elect, then it is only limited in extent, for He purposed to save all He died for. This doctrine is key to understanding the gospel.

When Was Abraham Saved?

Most think Abraham was saved in Genesis 15:6 when he looked at the stars and believed God. But he had done many things by faith and was a righteous man long before that event. Sola Fide is heresy without works. Abraham was not truly justified until he tried to offer Isaac on Mt. Moriah.

Is the Great Commission Your Duty?

Conservative Christians and churches stress the Great Commission as their duty. They repeat it ad nauseum at missions conferences. They do not believe the Lord can return until the whole earth hears the gospel. Do you know all the Bible says about this subject? You will learn rare truth here.

Total Depravity

Any discussion of salvation must start with man’s condition. God warned Adam he would die the day he ate the forbidden fruit. He ate it anyway, and he died that day. All men are dead in trespasses and sins. They hate God and truth, and they cannot appreciate Jesus or the gospel without life.

The Two Adams

Why do babies die? This subject is both sublime and terrifying. Do you know the doctrines of original sin, federal headship, and imputation? Adam and Jesus are representatives of two different sets of people. Their actions have been assigned to their constituents. Which Adam is yours?

Adoption as the Sons of God

This is by far the greatest gift of God in salvation. He did not settle for justifying His elect from their sins – He did not merely pardon them. He adopted them to be His sons, a higher honor than the angels. They are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ and will share the universe with Him as Lord.

Short Documents

When Was Cornelius Saved?

Did Peter save Cornelius? By preaching? Or by baptism? Or did God save Cornelius by free grace in Jesus Christ, and Peter only told him about it?

Regeneration and Conversion

Do you understand the important difference?

Conversion Testimony of Baptist Pastor

We are thankful to God to provide this testimony of Roland C. Crosby, who converted from Arminianism to the true gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace in 1984-1986. He pastored several Arminian Baptist churches in Michigan from 1956 to 1985.

Short Videos

Questions about Tony’s Salvation

Watch this little animation and hear more about salvation than almost anywhere. Tony wisely and graciously responds to questions to help Steve and poor Barry see more than they ever imagined.

Other Authors

Justification According to the Bible 

How sinners are made just and righteous before God is of great importance. Both Arminians and Calvinists claim sinners must believe before God will justify them. We hold that justification is by Jesus Christ alone, just as our Baptist ancestors did in the 1600s. Read this worthy explanation by Samuel Richardson from 1647.


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