Are you Primitive Baptists?

We appreciate and respect many of the beliefs and practices of Primitive Baptists, but we are not Primitive Baptists by name or denominational connection. We are Baptists like John the Baptist; we are primitive in the sense of holding to the old or original religion of the apostles; but we are not Primitive Baptists.

We do teach and practice many of the things that are dear to most Primitive Baptists. We vigorously defend election, predestination, regeneration by the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit, the King James Bible, simple services without modern additions, church history outside Roman Catholicism, and so forth.

The name Primitive Baptist did not exist before the mid-1800’s, and it includes churches today that range from Fatalists to Universalists and from Old Liners to Progressives. The formal use of Baptist also has its associations we wish to avoid, so our church is named as were the churches of the New Testament, by its location.

We jealously guard our independence as a church in order to follow the New Testament as the Holy Spirit directs us without regard for bondage or rules set up by a denomination or an association. We must reject such manmade organizations over the local church, since there is no scriptural authority for them or in them.

If you want to know more about our differences with the Primitive Baptists, please see this document: Why We Are Not Primitive Baptists.