How can I donate to your church?

We have never sought donations, and we never will. We created this website for Jesus Christ and His saints, not the financial benefit of any church or man. We want to be very different from the money-begging ministries so common today.

Our church gives generously to support this website, and it is our pleasure to provide any benefit you obtain from it. It is for your profit, not ours. By God’s grace, we will work to keep it the best site possible for His glory and your profit.

However … in order to avoid being unscripturally rude by denying you a blessing (Pr 3:9-10; Luke 6:38) or violating the Bible’s economic equation (I Cor 9:11; Gal 6:6), we will allow your decision between the Lord Jesus Christ and your heart.

If you have benefited from the site and are convicted by God to honor Him this way and help those who have helped you, the church treasurer will deposit your donation in our church’s general fund. This fund includes maintenance of this website and general church expenses, evangelism, and poor saints.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our church occupies very modest facilities and uses its funds only for matters supported by the New Testament.