Should pastor-teachers
be supported full-time?

Yes, of course, why should they not be paid for their labor, when you get paid for yours? The Levites and priests in the O.T. were compensated 120% of average income in Israel for their work in the tabernacle and temple. Great men like Hezekiah and Nehemiah encouraged them in their work by making sure they were paid (II Chron 31:4; Neh 13:10-14). Jesus Christ has ordained that gospel ministers or pastors are to be supported full-time and better if they are diligent and faithful (I Cor 9:6-14; Gal 6:6; I Tim 4:13-16; 5:17-18; II Tim 2:4). If a church does not follow this apostolic ordinance, they are disorderly and will reap the results of pitiful preaching (Pr 14:4; I Tim 4:13-16).