Proverbs 5:7

Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.

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Sex education is a duty. Good parents do not neglect it due to discomfort or fear. Here are important words of warning from a father to his children. Can you detect his anxious care for them? Can you discern his fear that they might neglect or reject his advice?

What was the grave danger warned about here? Solomon, the loving and wise father, warned his children against fornication, or sexual activity outside a proper Christian marriage (Pr 5:1-23). This chapter and chapter seven are both dedicated to the subject.

Sexual temptation is one of the greatest threats to youth. There are two reasons for this danger – the bodily and social lusts are powerful, and the consequences are terrible. If a father loves his children, he will make every effort to protect them from this temptation and its life-wrecking results. Because of inborn folly in youth, he must warn strongly.

The temptations to sexual sins are very powerful, especially for youth. They have young bodies with the highest levels of sex hormones. They are foolish and cannot see the pain that lies ahead for cheating. They are driven by peer pressure to acquire friends of the opposite sex, which often causes sexual compromise. They often have excessive freedom and numerous carnal activities that lead to frivolity and opportunities for such sins.

The consequences are terrible. Of course, the foolish young person, without proper instruction and warnings, will never appreciate the danger. They cannot rightly dread the shame, the guilt, the loss of virginity, the unwanted pregnancy, the emotional scars, the painful memories, the loss of fellowship with God, the strained relationships, the sexual bondage, the defiled conscience, the sexual diseases, the difficulty of moving forward, the broken trust, the feelings of worthlessness, the impaired intimate ability, and so on.

Today’s profane generation makes it worse. Fornication, or casual sex as they call it, is normal, wonderful, and painless. They promote it by lascivious songs, movies, novels, and magazines. They promote it by immodest clothing and immoral activities. They ridicule purity and virginity. They despise parental authority that limits activities with the opposite sex. They disregard marriage. They provide easy birth control. They pound the senses with a constant barrage of audio and visual images to destroy inhibitions.

Children! You must soberly consider and remember your parents’ warnings. Obey them. Do not think you know better. Do not think your parents are depriving you of pleasure. Do not deceive yourselves. You do not have a clue about the painful consequences listed above. The short-term pleasure of sexual sins never comes close to the long-term pain and trouble that certainly follows. Your parents and pastor are the only ones that truly care for your successful future. If you have any wisdom, hear them and obey them!

Parents! Are you plainly warning your children about the danger? Are you establishing rules from early ages against unchaperoned dating? Do you have strict rules for music, movies, reading, friends, and activities? Do you clearly point out the appeal and power of sexual lusts? Do you graphically identify the painful consequences? If you are not doing these things openly and consistently, you are an accomplice in your children’s future ruin. It does not matter that you do other things, for this may be the greatest battle.

Reader! Are you past youthful lusts? Great! But your Father hates spiritual fornication – religious compromise (Jas 4:4; II Cor 6:14-18). Do you seek and hear preaching of sound doctrine (Luke 8:18; II Tim 4:3-4)? Are you committed to the old paths of apostolic Christianity (Jer 6:16; Jude 1:3)? The danger to play the whore is great, especially with the seduction of carnal Christianity (II Tim 3:1-7). The Lord Jesus Christ will not stand for your infidelity (Rev 2:20-23). Repent! Keep yourself a pure virgin (II Cor 11:1-2)!